I’m running for Chapel Hill Town Council to help lead the effort to implement CH2020, the Town’s new comprehensive plan.  As Co-Chair of the 2020 process (with former Chapel Hill Mayor Rosemary Waldorf), I helped lead the thousands of citizens who collaborated to create a vision for Chapel Hill’s future.

We now need strong leadership to achieve not only our 2020 goals but to develop a strategic plan that will allow Chapel Hill to grow and flourish to the year 2030, 2040 and beyond.  We need a plan that will continue to maintain the high quality of life we currently enjoy while creating opportunities for the generations coming behind us.

As a Council Member, I will advocate for four major goals which I feel will be critical to the successful implementation of the vision of CH2020:

  1. Reform and simplify the development review process to create predictability for both Town residents and applicants;

  2. Develop a plan to recruit new businesses to Chapel Hill and an accompanying plan to fund it;

  3. Foster collaboration between Chapel Hill and our neighboring municipalities to generate cost-cutting/revenue-generating opportunities; and

  4. Formulate an actionable strategy to bring more affordable housing (of all types) to our community.

The vision and goals established by our community in CH2020 CAN be achieved if we increase our Town’s revenue.  I do NOT propose higher taxes or new fees. Instead, I will work hard on a strategic plan that encourages thoughtful increased commercial, retail and residential growth while maintaining Chapel Hill’s high standards for diversity, sustainability and environmental protection.