I am very pleased to have received today the endorsement of INDY Week as one of their four recommendations for the four open Chapel Hill Town Council seats.  This is what they said:

Our final two endorsements go to Maria Palmer and George Cianciolo, two supremely qualified candidates with knowledge, skill and passion to spare. Cianciolo, a Duke University pathologist, is perhaps best known for co-chairing the town’s development of its comprehensive plan, Chapel Hill 2020.

But Cianciolo’s service to the town predates that tome, serving on Chapel Hill’s Planning Board, Community Design Commission and Transportation Board, among others, since 1999. His knowledge of Chapel Hill is extensive, and it will be needed if the Town Council is to implement the development initiatives in Chapel Hill 2020. The document is not perfect. Cianciolo acknowledges that, telling the INDY that one of its chief shortfalls is in failing to prescribe how leaders pay for the plan. But few things are worse or more frustrating than a long-term plan that does little more than gather dust on a bookshelf. Who better to guide its implementation than one of its principal architects?

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